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The ZACubeSat Project was started in 2002 with the goal of building a miniature Satellite based on the CubeSat reference design.  

The ZACubeSat Project closely follows the CubeSat Design Specification with several high-level goals

Our First Launch-Ready CubeSat, ZACubed - 1 was completed in 2002 - The First CubeSat Project built in South Africa!

Ultimately our aim is to Design and Build a fuly workable satellite at reletavily low cost with simplified infrastructure requirements as compared to a traditional satellite.

The ZACubesat project(s) are entirely non-profit, with members contributing time and resources as needed.

Our first two CubeSat Projects (ZACubed-1 , SACubed -ZA2) were based on proprietary hardware that was fully developed and built by our team.

ZaCubed Projects

ZACubed - 1 Completed 2002:  Launch ready - decommissioned 2005
SACubed - ZA2 Completed 2007:  Launch ready - decommissioned 2008
SACubed - ZA3 Completed 2009:  Launch ready - decommissioned 2011
SACubed - ZA4 Semi-Completed 2011:  Project Halted
SACubed - ZA5 Uncompleted 2012:  Project Halted

March 2012:    With 3 fully Completed Projects, Spanning 11 years, thousands of hours in build, test and simulation time and a small fortune in personal financial contributions by the members, the ZACubeSat Team have decided to "call it a day".
It simply has become too resource-intensive to continue building CubeSats without supportive infrastructure and resources.


In retrospect, we are satisfied with whatever small contribution we may have been priviledged to make to the CubeSat Community.
We have enjoyed this learning-journey and thank the many fellow international researchers who have shared their knowledge, recommendations and friendship with us - thank you!

Designing, Developing, Building, Testing a CubeSat.. has truly been an Education unto itself

All our research work has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported License- information is and has always been shared freely

The original website content will be made available in compressed format for a limited time, whereafter it will be removed due to the large download size

If you feel that you need to comment, have any concerns or just want to find out more, please feel free to email via our contact form [here].

The SA CubeSat Project builds on our experience gained with building and successfully launching various CanSat projects that were based on the reference design of Prof. Twiggs of Stanford University.